Friday, June 23, 2017

This is how we do it

Sometimes it feels like no time at all has passed since high school. Natalie and Dana came in town last weekend for Lindsay's Boys and Girls Club charity event and we had So. Much. Fun. I totally paid the price the next day, but didn't even care. It was worth it to have had a night out with these girls :)

Fun in the photo booth with Lindsay, Dana, and Nat

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fast five

1. What I'm reading:
The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead. I'm in full agreement with the Pulitzer Prize Board ... this is one outstanding work of fiction. It's a re-imagined history, where the underground railroad is an actual railroad and our heroine's experience in each state conveys a different aspect of the horrors of slavery. It's focused on the past, but somehow also feels very relevant to our current day. Not an easy read, but worth it.

2. What I'm watching: 
Breaking Bad ... finally! I'm finishing up Season 3 and, although it's probably the most stressful show I've ever seen, I can see why so many people consider it a masterpiece. Walter White is the star, but Jesse is definitely the best character, yo.

3. Where I'm shopping: 
Athleta. Home to all things cute and quick dry for summertime mom duty. It's slightly overpriced, but I make sure to take advantage of the sales. And, I was lucky enough to have B and Sus treat me to a couple of items for my birthday. Thanks, sisters :)

4. What I'm playing:
Country club sports all around! I'm signed up for cardio tennis classes every Monday and have a season pass to the local golf club down the street from our house. Little Miss Molly is on board with my 2 favorite sports as well. She fell in love with the unrestricted access to Gatorade at tennis camp and even won the girls' effort award at the end of the session (I beam with pride!). Junior golf is up next. 

5. Where I'm going:
We're trying not to go much of anywhere this summer so we can enjoy beach life in Evanston ... but ... we do have a few fun trips to look forward to. Jason and I have our 10-year anniversary trip to Portland in July (finally), we're planning a Wisconsin weekend with friends in August, and Molly and I are also taking a special summer road trip down to Tennessee to visit my grandparents in their new home. Hoping to hit the right ratio of time away/time at home. We'll see how it goes! And so will you ... I'm planning to post more often this summer. Please remind me if I forget :)

Good start to summer

School's out and we've started up our new routine of summer camps, beach nights, and pool days. It has been hotter than hot all week and now the rain is pouring down. Perfect timing to post a few pics from sunnier days ...

U2 at Soldier Field -- The Joshua Tree tour! -- with Jason and B
Manicures with Molls

Weekend nights out on the sidewalk

Improving my golf game

Breaking in the jelly shoes ... official footwear of summer since 1985

Hanging at the park with cousins

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gallery show

First grade wraps up in a couple of days, so Molly has been bringing home all kinds of treasures from throughout the year. Here's the best of the best from the art department. I know I'm biased, but I really do think my girl's got talent. Just like her dad :)

Self portrait (unfinished) ... Molly with a tan :)
I love the dolphin jumping over the duck in the background

Fat cat on a mat (watercolor)
Also featuring a couple of ducks

Still life

Winter landscape
This is the one Molly selected for the YEA (Young Evanston Artists) Festival

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We have tile!

The tile is finally in and I think it looks really nice, even though these were all "budget friendly" choices. You can't go wrong with gray and white I guess :)

Major progress on the master bath! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday night fever

Molly gave us a preview of her hip hop recital tonight since Jason will be traveling next week. It's pretty entertaining ... especially at about 1:50. That's when she breaks out the really good moves. Enjoy :)

Monday, May 15, 2017

A punch in the gut

I'm not being clever with my headline ... that actually happened. Another girl hit Molly in the stomach earlier this month on a field trip and it has revealed a much bigger problem that Molly is having at school. One of her best "friends" has been tormenting her for most of the year. I have hesitated to use the b-word (bullying) because it is so loaded these days and people are sensitive about it. But Molly's teacher used the word on the phone today because that's what's happening.

I won't get into all of the details, but we knew that this girl had been competing with Molly and putting her down for a little while. What we learned more recently is that she has been kicking her under the table and giving her rough hugs around the neck that hurt and she won't stop when Molly says to stop. She has also been telling Molly not to work on her math work at school if she gets too far ahead. And she has been taking things from Molly's backpack (including a tooth that Molly lost at school ... gross).

I've been encouraging Molly to play with other kids at school, but apparently, whenever she tries to do that, her 2 friends from daycare (including this girl) follow Molly around and harass her and the other kids until Molly just gives in and plays with the daycare crew. 

Basically, it's just the worst. Molly has been so stressed out lately and has started saying for the first time ever that she doesn't want to go to school. The last time they had a half day, she was so happy because it meant that there was no recess and she didn't have to worry about who she was going to play with. 

The good thing is, the school year is almost over and we finally have the full (or closer to full) picture of what has been happening. The teacher is going to keep a close eye on everything over the next few weeks and is also recommending that Molly be assigned to a different class than this girl in 2nd grade.

As much as I hate to do it, we're also going to have to switch her into a different daycare next year. She'll never get out of this "friendship" as long as they have 3 hours to spend together after school every day. 

The teacher also recommended that we schedule as many playdates with other kids as we can over the summer once Molly is out from under the watchful eye of her oppressor. She said Molly is friends with everyone in the class and it is a shame that she's been held back from playing with them at recess. The teacher didn't know that part of the story, or about the violence, until recently. They have a different set of "supervisors" out on the playground for recess and the kicking has been happening at daycare "whenever the adults aren't around" according to Molly. 

I feel like this year has kind of been a lost opportunity for her - socially for sure and probably also academically. But it is what it is! We have a plan. We know what's going on. I bought a book (Little Girls Can Be Mean ... sounds appropriate, right?). And best of all, summer is almost here. I blocked off a chunk of weekends on the calendar to keep open for playdates, pool, and beach time. Hopefully the next 3 months will make up for any stress she had to go through last year!

Still a happy kid, even with all of this drama going on :)